How to Revive Loose Deep Wave Wig Back to Curls

Loose deep wave wig and other wavy lace wigs are very popular in wigs market, however, they may get straight after long time using. Here, let’s follow model’s instruction, learn how to revive loose deep wave wig back to curls. It’s just a very simple and basic method, can use on other wavy lace wigs as well.



First, separate wig to four parts and use hairpins to adjust hair. Then, use spray bottle to wet hair, cold water is enough, while if you want hair more healthy, you can also use essence. Notice don’t make hair too wet. After the water or essence a bit dry, use wide tooth comb to detangle hair before we start, we can also apply some conditioner to the loose deep wave wig. After this, we just need take the hair and start scrunching upward to get the curls to come back, or diffuse it like blow dry. For the rest of parts, do the same thing and you will get a revive loose deep wave wig!


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