Human Hair Bundles

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    94 products

    FAQs about Human Hair Bundles

    Human hair bundles are high-quality hair extensions made from 100% real human hair. These bundles come in various textures like straight, wavy, or curly and allow you to add length, volume, and styles to your natural hair.

    For a voluminous, seamless look, 3 bundles are generally recommended. However, those with thinner or shorter hair wanting very full hair may need 4 bundles. The number needed can also depend on the thickness and length of the bundles. Consult your stylist to determine how many are right for your hair.

    The wave styles differ in how tight the waves are. Body wave has a soft, loose curl pattern that creates lots of movement. Loose wave has a slightly tighter, beachy wave look. Deep wave has very defined, voluminous waves for maximum texture. Choose the wave that best matches or complements your natural pattern.

    With proper maintenance like gentle washing, conditioning, and consistent detangling, human hair bundles can last 6 months to a year. Avoid harsh chemicals, excessive heat styling, and rough handling to maximize the longevity. Synthetic blends won’t last as long.

    Human hair can be cut, colored, heat styled, and treated just like natural hair for seamless styling versatility. It accepts products better and withstands heat for longer-lasting curl and straight styles. Synthetic hair can't be restyled with heat and is more prone to tangling and matting over its shorter lifespan.

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