Closure Wig

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    69 products

    FAQs about Closure Wig

    A closure wig has a lace closure at the top instead of a full lace cap or lace front. The closure creates a natural looking part and hairline in a small area at the top of the head. The rest of the wig cap is open weft construction.

    Closure wigs are more affordable than full lace or frontal wigs. They are beginner-friendly styles that are easy to apply with tape, glue, or clips. The closure hides wig knots for a seamless blend.

    We have straight, body wave, loose deep wave, water wave, loose wave, kinky curly, and deep curly textures. This range allows you to match your natural hair texture and style preferences.

    Apply wig tape, clips, or an adjustable strap for secure attachment. Gently brush through and style the hair as desired. Remove the wig by lifting from the front to the back. Never pull the top closure outwards to prevent damage.

    Yes, closure wigs can be parted anywhere since the lace closure creates a natural looking hairline. Part it down the middle, diagonally, or on the side.

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