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    38 products

    FAQs about Curly Wig

    We offer all kinds of curly textures to match your natural hair - from tight coils like kinky curly to bouncy ringlets in deep curly or loose waves. This lets you pick a curl pattern similar to your own.

    Gently comb the hair wet and use leave-in conditioner to prevent frizz and tangles. Don't overbrush dry hair because it can loosen the curls. Store your wig on a stand to keep its shape.

    Absolutely! You can temporarily straighten the real hair fibers with flat irons or blow dryers. Use heat protection to avoid damage. Limit heat styling for longevity. You can also perm, dye, and restyle human hair wigs like your own hair.

    The curly and wavy textures tend to look thicker and fuller. But we hand-tie the hair to lightweight, breathable caps so they don't get too heavy. Higher density, longer wigs may have more weight but still feel comfortable. Pick the length and density you like best.

    Our curly wigs are designed to style just like your natural curls. Simply scrunch in curl cream or mousse for definition and volume or brush out gently for a fuller curly shape. The real hair fibers style quickly like your own for easy daily wear.

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