Top Reasons Why Human Hair Wig is So Expensive

When we buy hair extensions, we generally consider why human hair wigs are so expensive, only a lace wig is over 50, and the price is only for engineered hair, not for human hair. Overall, we need to know why they are so expensive.

Consider that when we shop for purses, clothes, or jewelry, assuming they are made entirely by a famous fashioner, we will not miss a single moment in getting them. When you buy a source pack, can you understand why it is so expensive? We will look at the copy of the reason and price.

Human hair wigs are similar and further requests that hair wigs need to think about various conditions, such as surface, life expectancy, shading, styling, etc. Here ishowbeauty explains why human hair wig is so expensive!

1 Hair quality

The type of hair that was created for the human hair wig determined 80% of the wig cost. We are not discussing Grade 8A, 9A, or even 10A, the assessment is only from a wig store or hairpiece provider. We are currently discussing hair quality.

To get started, get the best raw materials. The nature of the hair used to make the wig determines half of the cost. There are some types of hair on the wig market. The best quality hair is called virgin hair. Virgin hair is not treated, which means that when the hair is gathered, it does not become colored, shaded, and gathered. Beneficiaries should have long, plump, fine hair, so most of them come from young women, and usually, their hair is not white or parted. This type of hair is unusual in itself, so the price is not very modest. After combing the hair, we use expert liquid synthetic compounds and gear to clean and cleanse the hair so that the hair gets sound without any odor. And besides, natural virgin hair can last for a while. He is about two years old. Really, even if it is expensive, however, you can use it for a while.

2 Durability

As we talk about hair, it is more reliable and durable than any other type of hair because it does not require much help and care. So its price is in thousands of durable wigs on various rough wigs.

3 Styling

Human hair can be styled in any capacity which is actually like normal hair which makes them more important and requested. As such, adaptation management comes at a considerable cost.

4 Establishment

Wigs are not meant to tell anyone that you are wearing a wig. Also, the characteristic human hair ensures this. So it is commendable that people really accept that these delightful and shiny luxurious hairs are your own.

5 Lace cap

We should discuss lace courses when talking about lace front wigs.

Have you ever had your human wig trim? In that case, yes, I'm sure it's a terrible confrontation. Maybe, don't stress, in Ishowbeauty Wigs, we use the best quality ribbons that can hold us back, but in our hearts, the supply of high hair human wigs is more important than the benefits.

6 Make a human hair wig

Now that you know how to make wigs for humans, you can understand why human hair wigs are so expensive. The basic explanation is hand-tied.

Both ribbon front wigs and 360 trim wigs are made by Ribbon Frontal (or 360 Frontal) and Hair Groups, so they are hand-tied with machine-made, less time-consuming than full trim wigs. If you need to make a full lace wig, it takes about 40 hours (working in each of the 40 hours), and moreover, on the occasion that you flag alone Hairline and silk base will be needed, it will require numerous accessories until the occasion. In case you need 150 thick thickness even 180 thick thicknesses will take a lot of time in light of the fact that the makers want to tie as much hair as possible on the ribbon cap.

Before making a human hair wig, it also requires several methods, for example, combing raw hair, choosing white hair and red hair, clean and colorful at this point (in case you want to Need different wire, not ordinary dark). We have a wig specialist who can wrap the hair around the ribbon, so the closer you are, the more you can wash it to your liking, and it won't lose hair. This is a fraction of the cost of the work.

Different colors and styles

Someone likes a regular black tone, yet someone is in favor of an espresso tone or even a lighter tone. Clinical fluid is needed, this time it will take 6 hours. The point is we can color the shading you need like #2 #4 is more popular. Similarly, 6 hours are required.

Which level would you like? Straight hair wig, wavy hair wig, deep wavy hair wig, curly hair wig and what can be said about it, we need to use licorice or newspaper to fine style And then we have top-mark cleanser to wash it, re-style it, then wash and dry it.

8 Compare with synthetic hair

Synthetic hair is much less expensive than human hair. It is made of very straight surfaces. Synthetic hair is squeezed, trimmed, and pre-made. Changing this style is extraordinarily straightforward, difficult. In any case, this is not human hair, although it is shiny, it is not delicate and smooth. All I know is that synthetic hair can't make the different styles you need, it can't make a hairstyle, and it’s not forced by heat.

Even more tragic is the fact that, like artificial hair, human hair is normal, and has a much longer lifespan. Synthetic wigs can only last less than 3 months; however, human hair wigs can last longer than 1 year with reasonable consideration.

Human hair wig has to go through a lot of cash and energy, so the sale price is higher than other hair products. But I'm sure you'll understand why human hair wig is so expensive after this blog.