Three of the Most Recommended Wigs for Mother's Day

Hello, everybody, did you notice that Mother’s Day will come soon? For many people, it is a important day, in this day, they can do something or give a gift to express thanks to their mom. If you are not ready for this, please follow us, let us recommend some great gifts to you.

When is Mother’s Day in 2022?

In different countries, they set a different day as Mother’s Day according to their traditional culture. And the second Sunday of May is Mother’s Day in many countries, like US, Canada, Australia and China.

Now it is end of April, there are serval days left, Mother’s Day will come. If you still think about what will be better as a Mother’s Day gift, here we recommend three hair human hair wigs to you all.

First one: Transparent lace frontal human hair wig

Now the transparent lace hair wig still is very popular among different kind of hair wigs. The most attractive point of this wig is HD transparent lace, compared with classic brown color lace, it is more thin and clear, can melt with the skin very well. Now in Ishow hair store, we have many different kinds of transparent lace frontal wigs, there are various color options, like ginger blonde, pure ginger, 99j red, 613 blonde, natural black. Also different styles for you all, like straight, body wave, loose deep, deep wave, water wave, curly. You can choose one as Mother’s Day gift. If you are still confused on wig styles, we highly recommend the loose deep human hair wig, it can take a very gorgeous and grace look. We believe, most mothers will love this one.

Second one: Highlight color human hair wig

Highlight color hair wig is a fashion trend among hair market recently. This kind of wig own at least two colors in one wig, can make the whole look more special. Now we provide p4/27 honey blonde, ginger blonde, black blonde, P1B/Grey and 1B 613 Blonde Colors. And ginger blonde and p4/27 honey blonde is most hot selling in our store.

Third one: Skunk stripe color human hair wig

This kind of wig is a new hair product, but it attract many people’s attention since it showed up. This wig can be seen as a striped highlight color dyed wig, dye part of hair into a totally different color, it can contrasted with the rest of the hair color, compared with pure color hair wig, can make the look more young and fashionable. It is a great choice as Mother’s Day gift. We have some color choices for you all, such as 1B/Red, Brown/Pink and 1B/Green, you can choose one as your mother’s like.

After the introduction, we hope you have a clear idea on which wig will be suitable as Mother’s Day gift. Now we have a deal on human hair wig, 15% off on highlight color wigs, Code: Spring15, you can take part in this deal, choose a great gift.