Three Essential Hair Wigs Easy to Installing

Nowadays, for many black skin women, wearing human hair wig is a very daily and necessary thing, but for some kinds of hair wig, wearing wig will cost long time, this is very inconvenient for some working women, considering many customers’ feedback, today let us introduce three essential hair wigs which are easy to installing, help you save much time, you can do many other things during this period.

First one, HD transparent lace frontal human hair wig

This kind of wig is a new fashion trend in hair market, many people love it because of the HD lace part, the clear and transparent lace part can do a much favor on wig installment. Firstly, you don’t need to use glue when you wear HD transparent hair wig, you can just cut lace part according to your front head edge, then you can put the hair wig in head, the lace part will melt with skin very well, it is invisible, after that, you can adjust the hair wig, make it more comfortable for you. Without glue, you can also take off the hair wig easily when you sleep, from other side seeing, it can avoid the wig tangle problem during sleep, keep the hair wig in a good condition.Now in Ishow hair store, we have 13*4 and 13*6 two HD lace frontal wigs on sale, you can choose one as your like.

Second one, Headband human hair wig

The headband hair wig is a very nice and affordable human hair wig, it is actually a machine made hair wig, even if without lace, the black headband on the hair wig will make your wearing very easy, it is adjustable, suitable for different head size people, for headband hair wig installment,you can put the hair wig in head directly, after adjust the size, tie up two Velcros, it makes the wig installment stable, you don’t need to worry about that it will fall down from your head. We will also send a extra gift, a colorful and beautiful headband, you can use it to modify the hair wig. At same time, the headband hair wig price is very affordable, use 55.67 dollars price, you can get one. There are many styles available in Ishow hair store, like straight,body wave, deep wave, water wave, loose deep wave, loose wave, yaki straight and curly.

Third one, Machine made human hair wig with bangs

Recently, many young girls love to wear a hair wig with bangs which make them looks more lovely and young. Also the bangs part can cover the front head, retouch face shape, make your look more exquisite. The hair wig with bangs is also very easy to install, even for wig beginners, just put hair wig in head, adjust it as your head size, that will be OK.

After reading this blog, did you find out any hair wig you want to try? If you have not, we recommend you start with first kind hair wig. You can try to get one during the Happy Halloween Promotion period.