Things Need To Know When Wear Human Hair Wigs In Winter

No matter how much we hope and pray for endless summers, winter always comes back eventually. Along with freezing, low temperatures, snowstorms, comes extremely dry hair. There’s just something about dryness that takes our hairstyles from shiny to frizzy. Thus choose hair wigs and protect your wig both are important in winter. Here are some clever tips to help you easily winterize your wig.

1. Keep it Deep Conditioned

If you’re using conditioner correctly, it will not only make styling your wig easier but also protect your wig from harsh weather conditions. Conditioner helps locks in moisture and decrease dryness. That’s why during winter, it’s especially important to deep condition your wig.

Regular conditioners don’t moisturize as well as deep conditioners, so you should use a deep conditioning at least one time a week. It will lock in moisture and add a layer of protection to your wig.

2. Air Dry Before Before You Go Outside

IN winter, you not only need to protect your wig against the dryer environment, but you also need to stop using tools that dry out your wig, like curling irons, flat irons,  hair dryers, ect.

Rather than using a hairdryer, let your wig air dry in the winter. Just make sure your wig is completely dry before you step outside, or it may get frozen, which will cause your wig to become breakable.

3. Cover Up the Hair

Even if you’re already conditioning and air drying your wig, it can still dry out. When you know you’re going to be spending many time outdoors, wrap your wig. You can wrap it in a soft scarf, loose hat, or any other gentle material you like.

Also, on nights you don’t wash your wig, cover it with a satin or silk scarf. Air indoors can be just as dry as the air outdoors in the winter, so you need to protect your wig inside too. A satin or silk scarf or wig cover will hold in your wig’s moisture.

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