Things Need to Choose Before Wearing Human Hair Wigs

When you decide on wearing a human hair wig, you have choices here. What will be the material of your hair, will it be a full lace or lace front wig, what about the hair density and colour, etc.

All wigs require certain components that you need to get together in order to wear it. These three main components are the base, hair and accessories.

You will need to determine what type of base will suit your lifestyle and your skin as well. Is an outdoors person, do you have the type of skin that perspires often, what are the weather conditions where you live - all of these will have to be taken into account when ordering your wig. Keep in mind also how much time you can afford to spend on maintaining your wig.

One of the first and most important points to remember is that a lace wig has to fit correctly on your head. Go for a custom made wig as this is best option for you. In order to get a great fit you need to take the correct measurements of your head.

The second step is to decide on a base. This is the material on which the hair is set. Choose your base depending on your lifestyle. A lace base is much in demand and is the best option currently available.

When you place a lace base on your scalp it merges very well with the skin and no one can have a clue that it exists on you.

There are three types of bases - Transparent Lace, Swiss Lace and French Lace

The transparent lace is the thinnest in quality. It is also the most delicate base available. Perfect for use in the front, as it is invisible and does not show.

Swiss lace is slightly thicker as compared to the transparent lace quality. This does not mean that it is visible. In fact this lace is also a good lace for the front, as you cannot see it. It is also more durable in strength. A lot many people prefer to use French lace as a base. This is extremely durable and cannot be seen from the front as well. You can get this base in different colours, perfectly matched with the exact colour of your scalp and face.

You can choose any of the three suiting your convenience and lifestyle. Once you do, then you can decide on the next component that is the hair.