The Lace Closure Wigs Guide for Wig Beginners

Choose a wig for yourself. Nowadays, there are more and more types of lace wigs, such as full lace wigs, front lace real human hair, lace closure wigs, high-definition lace wigs, invisible wigs and so on.

If you need to buy a lace front wig, you need to think about it first. If you don't consider lace closure wigs, then choosing one aimlessly is not appropriate.

In this way, today Ishowbeauty is here to introduce you to the lace closure wig.

What is a lace closure wig?

The closure is a connection; it should be used with some hair groups. This is usually sewn together with hair packages or hand-made custom wigs. Lace closure wigs are more normal to wear, just like on your own hair; hair really develops from the "scalp".

Usually, we call lace seals as seals. These pieces can be sewn on the top of your head, combined with hair packs or hair covers, to show a unique scalp area

All in all, excellent darlings pursue a variety of termination methods, because these termination methods bring a more normal appearance. Lace closure wigs can be divided into 4*4 lace closure wigs, 5*5 lace closure wigs, 6*6 lace closure wigs and 2*6 lace closure wigs. There are Brazilian lace closure wigs and Peruvian lace closure wigs. closure, Malaysian lace closure, etc. You can choose wavy ribbon closure, straight lace closure, body wavy lace closure, deep wavy lace closure or different surface lace closures according to your style.

Why choose lace closure wig?

1. High loyalty

If you want to buy a wig, the first thing you have to do is buy a distinctive wig. The slender ribbon and breathability look normal and really look like your real scalp. It will blend into your real hair well and can handle your hairline well. Therefore, when you wear it, it looks ordinary.

2. High comfort

The lace closure wig is made of ribbon. This material makes the wig look practical, comfortable to wear and completely weightless. Therefore, if you are looking for comfort, a closure lace wig is your good choice.

3. Make sure your hair

At that time you had lace closure wigs; you can modify them to meet your needs. When you like to dye or twist your hair, you don't need to make any changes to your hair, just change your lace closure wig. Along these routes, you can fix the hair.

4. Less obvious knots

This is the fundamental motivation why it is more regular and more comfortable to wear. The more subtle main method can be worn directly after getting it, without dyeing. Therefore, you don't need to wait, it can save you a lot of time and cash. If you are a replacement or just starting out, this may tell you.

5. Large span

100% of human hair can stay for a long time, as long as you treat it correctly, don't hurt it. Proper consideration can also expand the presence of wigs.

6. Don't think too much

Lace closure wigs are not like different kinds of wigs at all. Don't expect you to go to a professional boutique for support. You just need to clean consistently and focus on cleaning. You can use the brush as much as possible to ensure its smoothness.

7. Various

Ribbon termination is actually suitable for a wide range of hair, probably common, sparse, perm, or lack of vitality as the hairline sinks. Therefore, the lace termination is truly adaptable and has many bright spots.

Recently, the popularity of lace closure wigs has increased. In a way, this is a notorious image. If you choose a lace closure wig, then you are a fashionable person.

8. Type of protection

A lace closure is introduced by sewing to cover the top area where the braided hair is sewn into. When you carry it with you, it will also provide you with a unique hairline and scalp area so that you will not forget your hair due to normal wear and tear.

Step-by-step instructions for wearing a lace closure wig

1. Wear a wig hat

First, tie up your hair and put on a wig cap on your hair. Try to make your hair as straight as expected, and don't blow up the "slope", which will make your wig look unnatural when you wear it.

Along these lines, it should be placed horizontally, it can make the feature vertical. Wigs should be worn where they can prevent hair breakage.

2. Put on a lace closurewig

Please note that the lace closure wig should be worn from the front. When your hair is tangled or tangled, wearing it from the front is the least laborious way to wear a wig.

This will ensure that the wig is in place and your wig will be moved to where you made it without breaking it.

3. Fixed lace closurewig

Find the appearance of the wig, usually in the front and back positions. Try to attach the brush to the hair, and then replace the eyelashes of the wig so that the wig is connected to the hair.

4. Change your hairline

After fixing the wig, the hairline needs to be changed. You need to use tweezers to pull out the hair. Remember not to pull a lot at a time, but a little bit.


Lace closure wigs are different from different types of wigs. What I introduced is the overall method of wearing lace to close the wig. The specific method of wearing a lace closure wig may vary from type to type.

In this way, if you cannot wear a lace closure wig after reading my article, you can ask the store you bought how to wear it, and they will tell you what to wear. Still, don't feel bad, 80% of lace closure wigs can be used!

For now, this is the end of this article, and you should definitely consider a lace closure wig. Ishowbeauty’s hot-selling 5*5 lace closure wigs include 100% real hair wigs, which have a high sense of use and comfort, and are smooth and free of tangles. The renderings we provide are all real shots. We have good returns and trading strategies, so you can choose to be calm.