Something You Need to Know About Skunk Stripe Wig

Have you ever heard Skunk Stripe wig? Some fashion girls may heard this before, if it is first time you hear this kind of wig, don’t worry, please follow us, we will show you some details on this wig.

Skunk Stripe wig is one kind of new fashion color hair wig in hair market, it can be seen as a striped highlight color dyed wig, dye part of hair into blonde, pink, red, gray or green color, it can contrasted with the rest of the hair color, make the whole hair wig more fashionable and attractive.

Three different ways to get a Skunk Stripe wig

1 You can dye two pieces hair in frontal part of hair wig, dye it into 613 blonde, pink, red, green or other colors you want, when you choose the color, you can consider two points,one, these two colors have a great color difference, two, these two colors can match well.

2 Dye part of frontal part hair and hair below the cap into other color, then when you style the hair wig, you can mix them of rest hair, it can make your hair wig looks more special.

3 Make a highlight with your hair wig, when you make this, please choose a similar color, if there a huge color difference, it may make your wig looks ugly.

To achieve a Skunk Stripe wig, you need to prepare some basic tools in advance, like wide tooth brush, small plastic bowl, dye brush, creme, powder lightener, semi-permanent hair color potion, mannequin head. These tools are very important, it can help you do this better.

Two highly recommend Skunk Stripe wigs in Ishow hair

1 Black Blonde Skunk Stripe Human hair Wig

Now this wig is one of our best selling colored hair wig, it has straight and body wave two styles, for length, it is 10-30 inch length, and it is also a 13*4 lace frontal style hair wig, big lace part, you can use it to make a middle or side part look. This wig has two pieces blonde color hair in frontal part, these two colors match very well. We used 100% human hair wig to make, it can dyed, permed and bleached.

2 Ginger Blonde Skunk Stripe Human Hair Wig

When we talking about Skunk Stripe wig, many people may think about this color wig firstly. It is also the best selling one in Ishow hair store, this color is very active and young, which is suitable for spring look. It is also have two pieces blonde color hair in frontal part of hair wig, not so much, just two pieces, it can make the hair wig more balance.

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