Something You Need to Know About Ponytail Hair

Hello, everybody, today let us introduce a new hair product in Ishow hair store to you, it is the long ponytail extension , have you ever heard this before? If you are not familiar with this hair, please follow us, we will show you some detail information.

What is long ponytail extension?

The ponytail extension is one kind of human hair weave, already in a ponytail style, the outlook looks like a lace closure, but it is different with this, there is a extra strand of hair in side part, you can roll it around your hair when you use this, it also come with a Velcro strap and small clip, you can use these two accessories to set it in your own hair, to add more volume with your ponytail style look.

What style long ponytail extension is available in Ishow hair store?

Now we have four styles in our website, it is straight, body wave, curly and Afro curly, if you want other styles, we can customize it for you, it is fast, only 2-3 days. And now straight and body wave long ponytail extension is more best selling, if it is your first time try this, we would like recommend these two to you.

Three reasons why we recommend the long ponytail extension

1 It is convenient, easy to use. If you want a long ponytail style look, but your own hair is short and less, you can consider use this, take few minutes, then you can finish do it yourself without help of the stylist. In the following part, we will show you how to use it.

2 The price is nice. compared with human hair bundle and wig, the price is affordable,get a 30 inch long ponytail style look, you just need to pay 92.79 dollars, if you use human hair bundles or wigs to achieve, you need to pay few hundred dollars, not including stylist installing fee.

3 It can take a very natural and beautiful look. The long ponytail extension quality is great, we use 100% human virgin hair to make this, it has neat and natural end part, we provide 90, 120 and 140g three options, 8-30 inch is available, it is true to length and weight, you can choose this as your need.

How to use long ponytail extension?

1 You need to use finger or brush to gather your own hair into a ponytail style, then use a rubber band to tie all hair.

2 Put the extension on the ponytail which you made just now, find the clip, push it in your own hair, roll the extra strand of hair around your hair, left small part hair, use a pin to set the rest hair, the Velcro strap around hair can make it more stable. In the last part, we hope this blog can let you get to know about long ponytail extension. And now it is our Mother's Day Promotion, we have deal on this hair, if you have any interest, just contact us freely.