Something You Need to Know About Ombre Color Hair Wig

As Spring coming, the ombre color hair wig has been a more suitable and better choice for many customers. They prefer to use the more colorful hair wig to make their look, it can make them looks more active, young and beautiful. Today let us show you all some basic information on ombre color hair wig.

1 Different color choices on ombre color hair wig

There are many different color choices for ombre color hair wig, usually it is the two tone and three tone color. In Ishow hair store, there are four various color choices for you, the p4/27 color, 99J color, ginger color and 1/b/27 ombre color. You can choose any color which you have interest in. For beginner, we advise the p4/27 color, it is one of hot selling wig among hair market.

2 Different wig types on ombre color hair wig

For the p4/27 color wig, there are some different wig types for you all, first one is 13*4 lace frontal wig, second one is short bob hair wig, third one is 4*4 lace closure hair wig, forth one is machine made hair wig with bangs, plenty choices, you can choose whatever.

For 99J color hair wig, there are less choices, only two, made hair wig with bangs and transparent T lace part hair wig.

For ginger color hair wig and 1/b/27 ombre color hair wig, now it is available on made hair wig with bangs

3 Different wig styles on ombre color hair wig

If you want many different styles which you can choose freely, we highly advise that p4/27 color wig, you can choose these wig styles, straight, body wave and deep wave. And about other ombre color hair wigs, mainly on straight style. For 1/b/27 ombre color hair wig, it is the cute curly style. All in all, there are four good wig styles for you all.

4 Different wig length and density on ombre color hair wig

For many people, more choices on wig length and density, it can take them a better shopping feeling, they can choose this freely, if you also want this, we recommend the p4/27 color wig, it is available on 8-26 inch length, also 150 and 180 wig density, if you want a long and full look, you can consider take the 180 density hair wig, choose over 20 inch length. About the ginger color hair wig and 1/b/27 ombre color hair wig, it is only in 150 density, it is also 8-26 inch length, for 99J color hair wig, it is 18-28 inch length available.

Today we introduce these four major factors on ombre color hair wig to you all, hope it can take a good result, let you get know this kind of hair wig.

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