Something You Need to Know About Machine Made Hair Wig

As the expand of human hair wigs’ familiarity in hair market,many people choose hair wig to finish their look. For many customers, every new style hair wig can take them fresh look. Recently, a new style hair wig- machine made hair wig attract some customers attention, if you also want to try this new hair wig, please follows, show you some important factors.

1 Wig type

Machine made hair wig with bangs

Headband hair wig

U part hair wig

Finger wave hair wig

Pixie cut hair wig

2 Wig color option

Mostly machine made hair wig is natural black color, for these hair wig with bangs, it also has 99j burgundy color, ginger color, P4/27 honey blonde color and 1b/4/27 ombre color.

3 Wig style option

Common hair wig style is body and straight hair style, also curly style and finger wave.

4 Differences between lace hair wig and machine made hair wig

Due to the no lace characteristics ,machine made hair wig price is lower than lace hair wig, but same good quality human virgin hair wig, some hair wig own a natural hair bangs, also more color options then lace hair wig, if you want the flawless look, we recommend the headband hair wig and u part hair wig.

Friends, now Ishow hair Happy Halloween Day Sale going on,you can check these factors, choose one suitable wig during this time, get your new look.