Something You Need to Know About Honey Blonde Hair Wig

Honey blonde color human hair wig is one of hot selling and popular hair wig among many black skin women, it is one kind of ombre color hair wig, this color hair wig is the p4/27 color hair wig, it mix color 4 and 27, if you have interested with this ombre color hair wig, you need to know somethings before you choose one, here are some important factors you can focus on.

1 Different Wig textures on honey blonde hair wig

For honey blonde hair wigs textures, there are many different options you can choose, Brazilian Hair, Malaysian Hair,Peruvian Hair,Indian Hair.

2 Different Wig types on honey blonde hair wig

Frist one is lace frontal wig, it is mainly the 13*4 size, some also provide the 13*6 size, lace frontal wig type is more popular than other kinds of wig types, you can use it to make any style you want, it is more flexible.

Second one is lace closure wig, it is mainly 4*4 size, it has more narrow lace part the lace frontal style, the lace part usually in frontal part.

Third ond is short bob wig, for short bob honey blonde hair wig, it also have different styles, lace frontal, lace closure and T lace part, T lace part kind of hair wig is more cheap than another two, it has a narrow T style lace part in frontal part.

Fourth one is machine made wig with bangs, it is a new style machine made hair wig, it come with a natural hair bangs, the price is lower than lace hair wig, but same good quality human virgin hair wig,if you want the flawless look, we recommend this kind of hair wig.

3 Different Wig styles on honey blonde hair wig

For honey blonde hair wig, common hair wig style is body, straight and deep hair style, these three styles are available with honey blonde hair wig in Ishow hair store, and these three wig styles is most best selling look, straight hair has a very silky and soft look, and body wave can take a very bouncy look, deep style is a very great curly style, if you want very vurly look, we recommend this kind deep style.

4 Different wig length on honey blonde hair wig

For is lace frontal wig style,lace closure wig style and machine made wig with bangs style , these styles are 8-26 inch available, and for short bob wig, it is mainly 8-14 inch, different length options, you can choose any length you want.

5 Different wig density on honey blonde hair wig

The hair wig density means the fullness of hair wig, mainly in these density with honey blonde hair wig , 150 density, 180 density, 200 density, 250 density, higher number it is, fuller the wig it is. For many black skin customers, 150 and 180 density is very polular, you can choose one wig as your like.  

Friends, now Ishow hair New Year Sale going on,you can check these factors, the honey blonde hair wigs for sale, you choose one suitable wig during this time.