Something You Need to Know About Colored Hair Bundles

Time fly so fast, now we have entered the graduation season. Did you get ready for this or you are still busy on looking for a nice hair? If you are in second stage, here we would like to recommend some colored human hair bundles to you. Various color options can meet your different needs, please follow us, let us show you more details.

Colored hair bundles is one kind of human hair bundles which already dyed by skilled worker, you don’t need have to do this work yourself, or pay for stylist, let them dye it for you. The skilled worker in factory make the dye work in a exact way, which can take less damage to the hair, at same time, you can save a extra fee, that is great, also colored hair bundles can take you a more attractive and fashion look in graduation ceremony or afterward party.

What colored hair bundle available in Ishow hair store?

Now we provide seven color options, it is ginger orange, 99J burgundy, p4/27 highlight, 27 honey blonde, T1B/27,T1B/99J and 613 blonde, here are three color options we highly recommend, it is p4/27 highlight, 99J burgundy and 613 blonde, these three are more best selling in our store, all hair is 100% human virgin hair, good quality, if you are first time try colored hair bundle, these three will be better for you.

What style colored hair bundle available in Ishow hair store?

We have body wave and straight two styles in stock with all colors, if you want a more grace and elegant look, body wave will be better. But straight style is more flexible, you can restyle it into other different styles, like curly and deep wave. We can also customize other styles for you, help you save more work.

Two hair accessories match with colored hair bundles in Ishow hair store

One is 4*4 lace closure, it is available with all colors, another is 13*4 lace frontal, we only have 613 blonde color. And three bundles with one closure is more best selling in our store, it is enough to make a full head.

What length available in Ishow hair store with colored hair bundle?

For ginger orange, 99J burgundy and 27 honey blonde, we have 8-28 inch hair bundle, 8-22 inch lace closure, for T1B/27 and T1B/99J, hair bundle is 10-28 inch available, closure is 10-20 inch available, for p4/27, the length is limited, we have 16-28 inch hair bundle and 16-20 inch lace closure, last one, 613 blonde color, hair bundle is 10-30 inch available, closure is 8-18 inch, frontal is 10-16 inch. There are plenty length options for you all, you can choose it as your need.

Now it is our graduation season sale, unlimited 8% off with code S8 available with colored hair bundles, we also support buy now pay later with paypal and klarna, if your budget is not enough, you can have a try these two payment ways.