Should You Wear T Part Wig Or U Part Wig?

With the popularity of human hair lace wigs, T part wig and U part wig also come into people's sight. While for these two emerging kind wig, some people don’t learn very well and dare not try. If you have same concern, just read this article, it will help you know advantages and difference of T Part Wig and U Part Wig, then you know how to choose.

What is T part wig?

T lace hair wig which inside has a T style lace part, the size of lace normally is 13*4*1 or 13*6*1, it comes with a natural middle part hairline.

The advantage of T part wig

T part wig has good breath-ability with other lace wigs, with the middle part hairline, it can make same natural looks with larger lace size wigs, what’s more, it’s much cheaper than lace front wig. And the wig has bleached-knots and has been pre-plcked, it could be wear out of package directly. All you need to do is come the wig softly and cut the extra part of lace.

What is U part wig?

U part wig is the wig that has a hole at the top or side part in front of the wig, the shape of hole is like letter U. People can attach leave out or closure to it, or people can use their own hair to cover the hold, to let the hairstyle looks as natural as possible.

The advantage of U part wig

U part wigs are easy to install for beginners, you can attach hair combs, hair clips or sew it on to your weaved in hair to makes them appears natural and true. This is why U-part wigs are so popular for wig users: they are convenient to use and versatile, and their use and maintenance is so convenient, this will save you a lot of time.

What’s the difference between T part wig and U part wig?

1. T part wig has 13*4*1 or 13*6*1 lace part, while U part wig has no lace.

2. T part wig is made hand by hand, while the construction of U part wig is machine-made.

3. T part wig can only make middle part hairstyles, while U part wig can make middle part or side part within the hole space.

Where to buy quality T part wig and U part wig

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