Ombre VS Highlight Color Wig, Which One to Choose?

Are you a fan of fashion icons, like makeup, hairstyles, clothes…Are you tired with the casual look and want to make a change? Start with the hair to refresh your look is a good choice, the many and various colored human hair wigs can help you to get the new look easily. Besides the pure color wig, the wig that mixed two or even more colors are more popular. They mainly are called as Ombre color and Highlight color. If you you don't know the difference between them and how to choose, this article is definitely for you.

What’s The Difference ?

Ombre is a dramatic gradient color effect in which the hair is divided into two contrasting color sections and gradually blends from one shade to the other, and the transition from the darker roots to the lighter ends is short. The effect of Ombre is more like a two-toned hair color. It is usually dark at the roots, with the darker shade blending into the lighter color, but with a clear distinction between the roots and the ends. Usually the darker color is at the top of the roots, and the lighter color is at the bottom, but some people prefer the opposite effect.

Highlight is a professional hair coloring technique that creates a natural, subtle highlighting effect. Highlight color usually upright mixed by one dark color and one light color, just like the black and white color of piano keys. With the backdrop of dark color, light color can be a tone of highlight and will be much prominent.

How to Choose

Ombre color usually is cut off, can match the requirement of people who want a fashionable look. 1B / Blonde color, Burgundy / blonde color, 1B / #27 color both are popular. The more different are two colors, the more remarkable hairstyles you can get. And Ishow ombre wigs still can be restyled, you can manager it to the hair pattern you like, you can even dye the light color again to get the unique look.

Highlight color wig will be a first choice for people who is new of wearing wigs, it can bring a more natural and subtle look. It is also perfect for those who are looking for a low-maintenance hairstyle. Now the Black & Grey highlight wig is best selling one, this color is hard to bleach and dye with our natural hair, this wig gives provides a easy way to let people see how they looks at this special color.