Loose Deep Wave Hair VS Body Wave Hair, Which One Better?

The gorgeous and bouncy curly look which are many black women looking for, and among these curly hair style looks, body wave and loose deep wave are two of most popular look, these two hair styles can make your whole look more charming, if you also prefer these looks, please follow us, learn more on these two, choose the one you really want.

Differences between loose deep wave hair and body wave hair

Loose deep wave hair is a new and special style which show up recently, it can be consider as loose wave and deep wave mix style, and it own a more curly and bouncy style wave pattern than body wave. Usually loose deep wave hair can take same look with Egg roller look, And for body wave which is more classic hair style, the wave pattern is more loosen, it is big S style wave pattern, if you looking for big wave look, you can consider body wave hair

Similarities between loose deep wave hair and body wave hair

Hair texture: Brazilian Hair/Malaysian Hair/Peruvian Hair/Indian Hair

Hair length :bundle is 8-28 inch, closure and frontal is 8-20 inch

Hair styles: both wigs and bundles are available

Other characteristics: 100% human virgin hair, the hair are cut from one donor, unprocessed, no mixed, can by restyled and dyed.

These characteristics are all about loose deep wave hair and body wave hair, after that, believe that you have a clear idea which one is better for you, you can go Ishow hair site, pick the one you want.