How to Style A Gorgeous Wet Look With the Curly Wig

Among different style hair wigs, curly hair wig is most popular one,that because people can style the curly wig into the wet look, also the bouncy and wavy look. That is easy to style it even for beginner. But if you are not good at, today let us show you that how to style a gorgeous wet curly hair wig look.

Let us get start, firstly, get a curly lace frontal wig, put it in your mannequin head, then mix water and nutrient oil in a bottle, spay it on hair wig, if you want to style your hairline,use your brush make it, during this process, you can also spay some water, it make hair more wet and manageable. After that, let your wig in mannequin head for a while, that will be better to get the wet look.

Then, a wet curly wig is ready, let us go into install part. First, you can just simply put wig in your head, adjust wig cap size, make it more stable, cut front lace part along wig frontal line. If you want your wig install more stable, you use glue, That is great on wig install. Lastly, use hair band, roll it around wig, keep a night, you will get a gorgeous wet curly hair wig look

Friends, get more details about process, please visit Ishow hair youtube channel