How to Sleep With Human Hair Wig at Night

Have you ever bought a good quality human hair wig, installed it perfectly, then gone to sleep nice and relaxed, but woken up with a tangled hair in the next morning? Over time, it can occur to hair breakage and other damage. Luckily, it is not hard to learn how to sleep with long human hair wig safely and comfortably. Read this article and we will help you to figure out it.

1. Sleep With A Silk Or Satin Pillowcase

You've heard it before, silk is your hair's best friend. Hair friction is one of the most reason cause split ends, dry and brittle hair.

Silk pillowcases are softer and a silkier to touch than cotton pillowcases, which means your hair will take less friction overnight and will move from the pillowcase easily without bring tension  to the hair.

2. Wear Your Hair Up

Many people may have the same doubts: should I wear my hair up or down? Although sleeping with your hair down may seem the most comfortable, if you don’t secure your hair overnight, you’re likely going to wake up with a tangled mess. Thus, the best way to protect long hair while sleeping is to gently wear your hair up.

For example, you can try to gather your hair up in a loose bun with hairpins, it's a easy method of keeping hair up in place.

3. Never Sleep With Wet Or Damp Hair

As we all know, the wet hair is easy to broke. Even the soundest sleeper will move their head during the night, and this movement is more likely to cause hair breakage or matted hair the next morning.

If you plan to wash your hair at night, please be sure you have plenty of time to let your hair air dry or blow wind.

4. Comb Hair Before Going To Bed

If you want to wake up tangle-free, always make sure to comb your hair gently with a wide-toothed comb before going to bed, which helps get rid of tangles and knots in your hair.

It is best to use a wide-toothed comb or a detangling brush that is generally softer than regular brushes and can reduce the amount of pressure applied to your scalp and hair.

Of these above tips, there should be at least one way that works for you! Now start taking good care of your hair to give you a head start on keeping your hair healthy. In the end, happy sleeping!

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