How to Slay Headband Wig

Headband hair wig as a new style human hair wig has been the very popular fashion trend nowadays, it attract many black skin women attentions, it can take a very natural glueless hair look. It makes the wig installment more comfortable and convenient. To meet customer’s need, Ishow hair also push the headband hair wig, if you have interest with the headband hair wig, please check our site

For many beginners, headband hair wig still a new hair product, they make get confused on how to sly the headband hair wig, today let us show you all the three steps, please follow us, let more on this.

At first, let us introduce some basic information on headband hair wig, let you all get familiar with the headband hair wig. The headband hair wig is a machine made hair wig without lace, with headband in wig front part, it mainly in natural black color in Ishow hair store. Many different hair wig texture, like Brazilian Hair, Malaysian Hair,Peruvian Hair and Indian Hair, also different styles with headband hair wig, Body wave, straight hair, deep wave, water wave, loose deep wave, curly hair, yaki straight and loose wave.

For length, it is 8 inch-28inch are available. You can check these information to get know on this hair wig. The headband hair wig can wear without any glue, in wig front part, it has a hair band which has been weaved in wig, this band is black color, same with wig cap color, it is very flexible, you can adjust the wig size according to your head size, also now this wigs for sale, buy this wig, can get a extra free random headband gift.

Here are some steps on how to to slay the headband hair wig Step one, you can get a headband hair wig, there are many different style options for you, for beginner, we recommend straight and body wave style.

Step two, wear a wig cap net, then cut extra parts of the net according to your head size, prepare the headband ,brush and other tools for installment.

Step three, put the hair wig on your head, adjust the hair wig size and position, that will be great. If the wig size is small for you, you can consider wear a transparent silicone hair band firstly, or weave a elastic band on the hair wig back part, you can choose one as your need.Then you can tie the two back band together directly, after that, the main installment has been finished. Then you can wear one colorful headband, it can make your look more natural and beautiful.

After reading, if you all have interest with this hair wig, you can consider get one to make your new look in New Year.

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