How to Silk Press Your Human Hair Weaves

After long time installing and polluted by glue, chemicals or sweats, the human hair weaves may get dim or dryness easily. So it’s important to know what to do to make bundles and wigs back to soft & smooth. Here, let’s follow model’s instruction, learn how to silk press human hair weaves that has been used for sometime.



First, take the hair out and put in a spacious space(the model uses straight hair), spray some water to hair, let it get moist and detangle it with wide tooth comb. Then, use flat iron to sleek the end of hair, notice the temperature and time you process. Next, let’s use bio silk products on hair, it can repair, smooth and protect most of hair types. Then, use flat iron to straighten the hair that still is uneven and comb it softly. After doing these simple steps, we get really silky & shinny human hair weaves!


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