How to Restyle Your Short Bob wig

Short bob style hair wig has been a fashion trend recently, many girls choose the bob wig to make their look. Straight bob wig, curly bob wig, deep bob wig with natural black color, also the blonde color straight hair wig, there are many choices for them to make the style. The bob wig is also easy to install and manageable for beginner, so there are many people choose bob wig. To make the wig looks more charming, here we will show how to restyle bob wig--focus on straight bob wig

Basic Tools

Prepare some basic tools, like Wide tooth brush, flat iron, mousse,hair dryer, hair scissors....

Restyle Step

Following is some basic process, Firstly, get a straight bob wig, choose the length you want, you can also use hair scissors to cut some to make length more suitable for you; Secondly, if your bob wig is natural part, you can use brush to separate the hair into middle part or side part, then use mousse to make it more wet and stable. Thirdly, pre-heat your flat iron, keep it in a appropriate temperature; Fourthly, take a small piece hair, use your flat iron to roll it,every time, a small pieces, do same with other hair. Then you can get a very beautiful and charming look with the bob wig.

Get Ishow hair bob wig, restyle into a new look, girls, try to get a charming look.

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