How to Recreating Nicki Minaj Wig With Ishow Blonde Wig

With the popular of TROLLZ, a song published by 6ix9ine and Nicki Minaj, it also has a trend that copy Nicki Minaj rainbow hairstyle - one side RED and one side COLORFUL. As there are many light colors in it, many people us blonde color hair to restyle it. 



First, we need part the wig to two parts, for the red part of the wig, we can take two different red color, spread the hair dye evenly on the hair. Then we section rest hair off into seven parts to apply seven rainbow colors on them. After doing this, wait for about two hours. Now, the wig has taken color well, we need rinse the rest of dyestuff off with cold water. Wash red first, then pink and yellow, after washing all of different colors, let it air dry. Then we can get a new cute Nicki Minaj rainbow wig.


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