How To Prevent Your Wig From Smelling

Have you ever had such an embarrassed experience? The werid odor from wearing a human hair wig can ruin your mood and make you feel uncomfortable at a party. If you have experienced it, you must don’ want to experience it again; if you never have this experience, you can also learn to prevent it from now on. Today in this blog post we'll tell you what causes your wig to smell bad and what to prevent it.

Why Does Your Wig Have Smell?

1. Surroundings Smell

If you are in the same environment for a long time, or in an environment with a strong smell, your clothes will have a residual smell. Hair is no exception. Smoke, kitchen fumes, dust in the air, air fresheners, and incense, all of them can get into our wigs.

2. Not Washed In Time

When we wear a wig for a long time, the wig will accumulate a lot of dust and grease, just like our own hair. If you don’t wash it in time, the hair will give off some strange smells.

3. Not Proper Storage

Many people don't store their wigs properly after washing. If the wig is placed in a poorly ventilated or humid environment, the wig will have a musty smell. Therefore, the storage of wigs is also a very important part.

How To Prevent Your Wig From Smelling?

It is not difficult to remove the smell of a wig. Wig care is very similar to our natural hair care. Therefore, removing odor is based on cleaning and nursing methods.

1. Make Sure Your Wig Is Completely Dry

Whether you are preparing to put your wig on or store your human hair wigs, you must make sure that your wig is completely dry. If you wear your wig while it's wet, not only will your wig smell bad, but it will also make your scalp feel uncomfortable in a damp environment.

2. Air Dry Your Wig

When you have cleaned your wig, if weather permitting, dry your wig outside. On a sunny day, secure your wig on a clothesline or put your wig on a wig stand to allow them to dry naturally. With this method, the residual smell will also dissipate in the wind, and you will have a beautiful and fresh wig.

3. Wear a Hat Or Wrap Your Hair

If you are in a scented environment, then you can consider wearing a hat or wrapping your hair with a silk scarf. Such as in the kitchen, or a room full of smoke, etc. This will help keep your hair out of weird smells.

4. Use Wig-Specific Shampoo

Even though your wig is made from human hair, it's still different from our natural hair. So we recommend that you choose a dedicated shampoo. In this way, it can give deep condition when deep cleaning the wig, wash once a week is enough. In summer, if you feel uncomfortable, then you can wash it after two to three days of wearing it.

5. Wash Your Pillow And Hair Brush

Remember to wash your pillows and combs in time. Because after using for a long time, dust and grease will accumulate. And they are the necessities that often touch our wigs. This is also an important factor that makes our wigs smell.

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