How to Minimize Your Lace Wig Shedding

Most fashion people will agree that lace wigs can bring them shinning look, shedding problem of wig must be a disappointed thing. Let’s imagine this scene, after a week installing, when you take off your wig to do daily maintain, find it starts to shedding, which will easily broke your good mood. Here, let’s find some great tips that can minimize your lace wig shedding.


  • Do not brush human hair wig with force, comb it with wide tooth or fingers lightly.
  • Use knot sealer to steady roots of wig.
  • Don not use shampoos, hair sprays and other hair care product that contains a lot of alcohol, as alcohol will damage hair and lace deeply.
  • Wash wig every week, avoiding use hot water, let it are dry.
  • When don’t install wig, make sure it’s glueless, also keep it away from high heat, dryness.
  • If you want sleep with the wig, braid hair before going to bed, wrap it in a hair scarf, it will be better if you can wrap wig by silk.


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