How to Melt Lace Wig for Chocolate Skin

Chasing flawless makeup and hair style is many fashion people doing everyday, however, the lace wigs may unfriendly for chocolate or dark skin people. If you happen have this trouble, let’s learn some smart tips on how to melt the lace of our lace wigs.


Most wigs sell in online store are already ple-plucked, when we ready to apply it, we can use tweeze or toothbrush to comb the edge of front.


2.Bleached knots

There are many tiny holes on lace of lace front wigs, so we need bleach the knots and the lace to hide them and get a more natural hair look. The lace would also be more transparent after we glue the lace into our skin.


3.Use powder foundation

Choose powder that has similar color with your skin, then use a soft brush, blend the powder to lace. This will let the lace looks just like your skin.


4.Select transparent lace or HD lace

If you think above methods are too hard to process, then there is a best method for you: choose transparent lace or HD lace. They don’t have color of brown or medium brown, they just looks invisible after applying.


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