How to Measure the True Length of Your Lace Wig

After receiving wig order from online, we must will be very excited to open it and have a try. And we will want to know whether the wig length is same with you ordered. Therefore, it’s necessary to learn some tips on how to measure lace wigs correctly, because we may get wrong results if using incorrect method.

Let’s follow professional workers instructment, to get some key points on how to measure the true length of your human hair wig.

  • Usually it’s not a accurate read from one-time measuring, we can select different hair to measure several times to make sure we can get accurate result.
  • The correct measure method is measure the wig from very top to the end, we can place the hair on the wig-stand, then take some hair from the top and holding up, take the measuring tape pressing the wig top, measure along to the bottom of the human hair wig.
  • When using a tape measure to check the length, we suggest please keep tape measure not curled and not fold then measure it.
  • For wavy hair, the true length of it is the stretch length, we can refer the attach picture to measure true length of your wavy human hair wig.


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