How to Make Your 4x4 Closure Unit Look Like A Frontal

Recently, lace frontal wig and lace closure wig has been more popular than other style wigs among black women, they prefer to choose these two kinds of wigs to make their wonderful look. To make sure that wig install process more interesting when they stay at home, some people try to use the 4*4 lace closure wig to make a lace frontal look, they can also get a beautiful and charming look with lace closure wig. Today let us show basic step for this.


Step one, prepare a Ishow hair lace closure wig, you can choose straight, body, loose deep or style lace closure wig, for beginner, we advise the straight one

Step two, you can use scissors to cut off the extra lace in front of lace closure wig, then use brush make hairline, after that, spay some water on hairline part, then leave it one night

Step three, install your wig,use your brush front hair, make it more neat, then spay some glue on frontal part, let lace meet head, use hair dryer blow hair, make the install stable, then take your brush again, take some hair off, make a pre pluck look with brush, later, put some liquid foundation on hairline, let lace color looks similar with your skin color

Step four, use flat iron to style your hair wig, if it is a straight hair wig, you can just straighten hair wig, if a curly style wig, roll the style you want.

 That is some necessary steps, girls, if you have interest, just try it, see whole video check Ishow hair Youtube