How to Make Fringe Bangs on Wig

Human hair wig with bangs has been a fashion trend among many young people, this hair style make them looks more charming and active, also cute.If you also love this style, you can choose a hair wig with bangs directly, or DIY a bang, that is very easy, if you have interest with DIY process, please follow this

To make a fringe bangs, both lace frontal wig and lace closure wig are suitable for this style, you can choose any one you prefer. Get a professional tamer spray, spray it all over the hair wig, this acts as a heat protection, then spray some argon oil, take another protection,also use styling wax stick to get more silky, then you can use flat iron on hair make it more straight, also make part back hair into frontal part. Next, let us move to important part, take part of hair, roll it in one circle, then use hair scissors cut part off, after that, take part been cut hair, use scissors cut a more shorter length, keep do it in that way, unit final part hair up to your eyebrow, or other place you prefer, in cut process, you can brush the hair, also fix side part, make them in same length, after all, a fringe bangs is done. Easy work, everyone who have interest with hair bangs, can try this way.

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