How to Make 5 Mins Easy Hairstyle With Headband Wig

One important reason that we buy the hair wig instead of hair bundle is wig can save more time than bundles, we don’t need wait for hours to install, and it’s easy to remove when we going to bed. Among all kinds of wigs, there is one which is the most convenient - The headband wig. Read this blog to learn how to make easy hairstyles with 5 minutes with it.

First, use comb to detangle wig, then tie your hair into small tails and hide them under wig cap before putting on the headband wig. Second, wear and clip the wig on your natural hair, use the straps and combs to adjust size, so that the wig can match your head perfectly. If you want to add some baby hair, use mousse and brush to style natural hairline. At last, wear the headband you like and do stylish up to your liking. The whole process only takes few minutes.


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