How to Maintain Loose Deep Wave Hair Wig

Loose deep style hair is one of most popular and fashionable hair style recently, maybe you also have one, you also love this style, it has a very bouncy, curly and gorgeous hair wave pattern, that is biggest highlight. In daily life, maintaining loose deep wave pattern is also important thing, today let us show some ways.

First, use flat iron or flexi rods

Before you install the hair wig, you can use flat iron to style it pieces by pieces, it can keep your hair curly pattern long time, or before you sleep, you can use flexi rods roll these hair by small pieces, then wear a sleeping cap, after one night, these hair wig can keep in good and bouncy pattern

Second, brush hair with wide tooth comb

To avoid tangle problem, we need to gently brush the hair pieces by pieces, if your hair wig is loose deep style hair wig, please use the wide tooth comb or finger, it is a better choice, if you use other tools, it will get the wave pattern loosen day by day.

Third, co-wash hair frequently

To keep hair wig in a clean and wet condition, we advise that make co-wash at least two time with high wet shampoo and conditioner. After washing, please leave it alone, let it dry naturally, then the hair will back to loose deep wave pattern greatly.

These are some main tips, if you have interest with loose deep hair, you can try these ways, it can take a good result.

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