How To Let Your Wavy or Curly Wig Looks Wet

The wavy land curly lace wigs are very popular in wigs market, while if you are new to human hair wigs, it’s cmmon to feel mad with the crazy curly hairs when combing them in every morning. Wavy and curly hair textures especially, can lose definition and become estremely dry and tangled if not cared properly. This blog will show you how to create a wet look with a wavy or curly wig to avoid the proble, hopefully this will help you.

Why we do wet and wavy look

1. It’s more convenient to detangle the hair

Dryness is the main reason that makes hair tangle and shedding, keeps hair in wet condition can make sure it’s doft and flexible all the time. If you find your wig start shedding or tangle crazily, considering if it needs a deep condition.

2. It helps hold the curls of wigs

For wavy/curly unprocessed human hair wigs, most of them are styled by high temperature steam, with time goes by, the curls may disappear easily. Wet the wig can keep wig in good condition and hold the curls, it has the “magic” to refresh the wig.

3. Wet look is the fashion mark

Look at so many fashion blockbusters and celebrity styles on the red carpet, wet look has a high frequency of appearance. Many Internet celebrities also like it, creating the wet Look trend. Wet and wavy hairstyle looks good, refreshed, hydrated, it gonna look even prettier when it is a little dry.

Things need to prepare:

A 100% human hair wig, a towel, a wide tooth comb, various conditioner and mousse, a spray bottle

How to let your wavy or curly wig looks wet

First, take out the human hair wig and detangle it, it’s better to place the wig in wig stand or mannequin head, if you don’t have them, ensure the work place is clean.

Second, use soaked towel to wet the wig, repear this step until the wig is dripping wet.

Third, mix different conditioner and some water into the spray bottle, shake it up then spray the liquid little by little to every part of the wig, notice to comb the wig at meantime. Then apply a dollop of volumizing mousse to the roots and work it in towards the ends of the wig.

Fourth, gather the hair in the bottom and push it up to let the curls are pop a little more.

Now we got a new fresh wet and curly wig, don’t touch it and let it blow drying competely. Hope you will like this look.

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