How to Highlight Your Wig into Ombre Brown Blonde Color

As summer coming, ombre color hair wig get more and more popular than natural black one, the color hair wig take black women a more active and charming look. And recently highlight ombre brown honey blonde color hair wig has been best popular one among these colorful wigs. If you also have interest on this wig, please follow us, today let us show how to dye this color with your black color hair wig.

First and important, you should prepare some bleaching and dyeing stuffs,like BW2 bleach,  bleach powder and cream developer and other things. You can mix two parts of bleaching powder with four parts of developer just to get a watery consistency. Take one piece hair from your black wig, separate this into two so that the highlights mix into the hair , then use point tail comb take small pieces hair at Interval, put one piece tin foil under the hair, then brush the bleach on hair, then fold up the tin foil, do same thing with other hair. But, please pay attention, to get a ombre highlight look, don’t take whole one part hair, take hair pieces by pieces , leave space between these parts,so you can get a mixie type of look.After all bleach work, let hair process for at least 15 minutes, maximum 30 minutes. Then wash your wig with motions neutralizing shampoo and conditioner.


That is whole process of bleach and dye, if you also love ombre color hair wig, just try to do this, or go Ishow hair site, pick this wig.