How To Get Rid Of Flyaway On A Wig

Have you been “fight” with some pesky flyaways hair when you were about to set off from the morning? For human hair wig, there will always be small pieces hairs sticking out and they won't stay flat. Are you still worrying about how to get rid of flyaway hair? Now, read this article, before you smooth out flyaways, learn more about what causes those little frizzy hairs to stand up in the air, and what products you can use to prevent and get rid of flyaways on your wig.

What Are Flyaway Hairs?

Flyaway hairs are often caused by static electricity damaged broken hair or new growth baby hair and dryness. They're shorter and thinner, and they're also lighter in weight than the rest of your hair, so they usually stick up rather than lay flat on your hair. This also make it’s difficult to tame flyaway into hairstyles.

Flyaways are often mistaken for frizz hair, but flyaways are not frizz. These are two separate things, and though frizz can truly get out of control and make a look go wrong, flyaways can add a bit of three-dimensionality to a look. Completely removing them can make the hair look quite stiff.

How to tame the flyaway hair ?

Since the main cause of flyaways is static electricity and dryness, the best way to get rid of it is to minimize hair friction as much as possible.

1. When installing human hair wig, many people choose to wear with it in the night, which causes much friction. It’s better to use silk pillowcase or wrap the hair with silk scarf/silk cap. The silk product can handle static electricity well.

2. Use a frizz-fighting shampoo and conditioner, which can help you flatten your flyaways, also remember to deep conditioning your wig regularly to keep moisture locked in the wig.

3. Heat is a good way to get rid of flyaways, but notice only human hair wig is heat-resistant. Even then, it is important to continue to exercise caution. For example, apply some heat protection to your hair before heating, only use low heat to avoid any damage to your wig, and put your hair dryer or a straightener on a very low setting.

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