How to Get A Gorgeous Wet Curly Look with Short Bob Wig

As summer coming soon, short bob hair wig has been more and more popular than long inch hair wig. Choose a short inch bob wig to make look is more convenient in Summer. Girls, today let us get more skills on how to get a gorgeous look with short inch bob wig.

Let us prepare a Brazilian curly short Bob wig firstly, also curly short bob wig is a lace frontal wig, with four combs and adjustable straps, the wig has been pre plucked, that is very convenient for some people who not good at with this. If you want hairline part more natural, you can do some additional plucking, that will be better. Like wearing other wigs, bleaching knots is also important. Here are some little tips for you on this, first, make sure the mixture is thick as to bleed through, second, the whole bleaching process just need 10 minutes, third, take 30 vol developer. What’ more, if lace of wig is light for you, use lace tint spray on lace part, then you can get a lach whose color is close with skin.

To get a gorgeous wet look, the necessary thing is wet your bob wig, but this process is very easy, spay water on short bob wig, keep in a while, then do it again, you can use wide tooth brush hair wig when you do this. When brush can go through wig smoothly, it means that wet work done.Next, you just need to wear bob wig normally like you before did, that is OK.

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