How to Dye the Blonde Highlight Lace Frontal Wig

With the coming of summer, many people choose to dye their natural black color lace frontal wigs into different colorful one, that can make their look more shining and beautiful. Some girls choose to dye the whole wig into a brown color, that is more difficult for some beginners, also some people need to do this with the help of their stylist. Considering current situation, let us show a easy dye way, get a blonde highlight wig yourself.

Highlight dye wig is actually more easy than other dye wig ways, the whole process take less time, also less tools need to prepared.

Girls, the important things is that prepare a Ishow hair natural color lace frontal wig, we also need some necessary tools, like the tin foil, dye brush, creme, powder lightener, you can get these tools very easily.


Next, let us show you whole process, firstly, mix the creme and powder lightener in your bowl, then put your lace frontal wig in the mannequin head,then take a small piece front hair, brush these dye material in hair,use tin foil wrap hair, keep for some minutes, then wash this pieces hair, dry it naturally, that will be OK, you will get a blonde highlight wig. If you want a mix color highlight wig, you can take more pieces hair, dye it like the words shows that.


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