How to Do If The Human Hair Wig Become Dry

Human hair wig provides diverse choices to let us can get different hairstyles easily in daily life. Many people wear it every day to work, join parties, go on holiday, however, few people know how to care for the wig, thus, the hair becomes dryer and dryer with daily using and weather affect. It’s necessary for us to do something to revive the human hair wig. Let’s read this article to know how to bring long life for the wig.

human hair wig

Why do human hair wigs become dry?

As the name suggests, the human hair wig is made of 100% human hair, that contains many nutrition and proteins. With the time goes by, the nutrition become less and the hair become dry. The bad weather, like hot temperature or rain/snow also bring bad effect to hair. What’s more, if people wear the wig to surf or swim in the seawater, it would hurt hair more badly. So it makes sense to keep human hair wig away from dryness.

How to restore human hair wig

To keep long time use of the wig, there are simple things we can do in the daily life. Below are 3 easy tips for you to follow.

Pre-wash the hair with natural oil or essence

On how to revive the hair from dryness, one important thing is moist the hair. We think natural oil, like Moroccan oil or essence can keep hair in moist condition and lock in moisture . Before washing the hair, we can apply some natural oil or essence on the hair, leave it around 30 minutes to let hair absorb nutrition. This also is helpful to let hair keep away of tangle.

Washing the wig regularly

The human hair can gets dry due to oil & dirt build-up, salt water, chlorine, it’s necessary to make sure wash your wig at least once a week, twice a week is better. And it also depends on usage frequency of the wig, it is more scientific to wash hair when every 7 days wearing .

Deep condition your wig

Besides washing, the deep condition also helps to revive the wig. Conditioner is much useful in daily caring the hair, especially the hair is easier to gets dry in winter than other seasons. Condition provides a layer on the hair, to help it keep lock in moisture, that’s how it works to keep hair in good condition. After using good quality mild shampoo, gently work conditioner into the human hair wigs from Upper middle to down, let it stay for at least five minutes, then rinse thoroughly and then style. This is great for wavy and curly styles, and when using conditioner, notice to not apply it to the roots of wig.


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