How to Curl Human Hair Wig at Home

The wig is made of human hair and synthetic thread, which perfectly matches the wearer's hair. For some people, they like novelty and style, and they need to change the surface and color of the wig according to their wishes. Whether your wig is made of real human hair or artificial hair, you can style or curl it. Nonetheless, you need to consider legitimate techniques to get decent results and take care of it.

When curling full lace wigs or lace frontal wigs, women like to use a safe strategy to design their hair, not to damage the hair. You can use a heating device or no heat to make curls. In addition, obviously, they are some mainstream technologies that can provide wavy hair in time according to your needs.

Today, Ishowbeauty wants to tell you the best way to curl your wig at home. We will delve into various methods to make curly hair wigs that you can try on your own.

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How to curl a human hair wig

How to curl a wig with a roller

How to curl a wig with a curling iron

How to curl a wig with hot water

The most effective curly wig method

The instructions for curly straight hair wigs need your understanding. Taking all factors into consideration, we will show you a simple way to design a lace wig.

Instructions for curling the wig with the roller

Brush hair

Before curling, remove each bunch by brushing your wig. You should use a look or wide tooth brush specially designed for wigs. Start brushing from the lower part of the hair, then move up to the root.

Knot hair

Use fasteners to make the hair area. Pull the hair of your thing at the highest point of the wig head, leave a layer of hair at the bottom, and curl up the hair.

Fold the hair on the scroll

The rollers have various shapes and sizes. What you decide to use depends on the size of curls you need. In addition, you can mix and match the sizes of the rollers to create a pleasing style.

Align the curling iron at the end of the hair and move it up to the root, and try to bring the hair as close as possible. Continue this process for each piece of hair until each hair has moved upwards.

Use a hair dryer and heat the drum

Since your wig is made of real human hair, please use a hair dryer to heat it on the rollers. Place the instrument at a warm setting level.

Remove the roller from the wig

The best way to use rollers to curl your wig is to carefully remove each roller instead of pulling them out of your hair. Brush the wigs with your fingers to make them look practical. You are done. You can cover the wig with hair splashing water to support the wave-shaped fixation.

Instructions for curling your wig with a curling iron

Make sure the wig is new before curling. Wash your human hair wig with a typical cleaner, then dry it completely. Air-dried hair is ideal. Using a warm guarantee serum is important to protect your hair from dryness and damage. In fact, even excessive warmth can shorten the life of the wig and change the color tone.

– To use a curling accessory to curl a wig, put the hair on the wig first. Cut the hair. If you may want small curly hair, you should divide your hair into small pieces. Also, it is interesting that if you tend to have huge curls, divide your hair into several areas.

– Only leave the hair at the back of the wig and use fasteners to fix all the extra hair upwards and away from you, so it is not difficult to handle.

Now, start the curl interaction. Take a small part of your hair and fold it on the iron. Make sure that the hair is level as expected. You should wear insulated gloves during the cycle, otherwise it will consume your skin. At that time, you put your hair in your hand and tilt it upwards until it gets cold.

– Repeat the process with the remaining wig. This is the ideal opportunity to provide curls whenever you are done and each curl is cooling.

Instructions for curling wigs with hot water

– Brush the front wig of human hair lace and soak it. The lotion helps to keep the curly hair better.

– You can use a perm wand or a Flexi wand to curl your hair system. Just like curling your hair with a curling iron, you have already separated your hair and moved it to the pole. Continue to do the work of curling up all the hair segments.

– Wet the hair before putting it in the steaming hot water. Now immerse the wig in high temperature water for 15-20 seconds. Make sure all rods are inserted.

– Take the wig out of the hot water and let it dry. It may take a day to dry completely. If necessary, use a hair dryer to dry your hair. Use a brush to comb your hair.

Bottom line

Ideally, our guided exercise on the best way to curl a wig on it will help you design your hair system. No matter what kind of wig you get, you will never miss an assistant who helps you get beautiful hair and fix it. The ones we show you may not be everything, unless they are well-known simple advancements and technologies that you should remember.

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