How To Choose the Length of Hair Bundles?

Hairstyle can always change temperament, by the help of human hair bundle, it not only increases the density, volume, and thickness of your natura hair but also increases your beauty and confidence. The most important thing to choose a hairstyle is to conform to your own characteristics. It may be the face shape, skin color, or overall style, but the most applicable and common one is the length of your hair. But how to choose the right length? Read this blog and we will help you find the suitable hair length.

What Factors You Should Think About?

1. Texture

If your hair is straight or curly, avoid using curly hair bundles, because they won't blend with curly hair and may even be difficult to care for.

2. Color

You can find hair bundles in various colors and shades, it's best to stick to hair extensions that match your hair color as much as possible.

3. Head Circumference Size

Most head circumference is 21"-24 "inches. Whether your head is bigger or smaller, you need to adjust the number of bundles purchased to suit this situation.All bundles weigh about 100g per bundle.

4. Height

If you are tall, you may choose a long hair bundle suit; And if you are petite, you can choose 16-18 inches or shorter.

Instructions for different length bundles

The hair length should be from the head top to hair bottom as the hair is straight status. The curly and wavy hair is made from straight hair. Fro the same length, curly and wavy hair would be 1" - 2" shorter than the straight hair, which depends on how curly the hair is.

1. The length of 8-14 inches is the shortest, and it is often located at or under the shoulder, so if your natural hair is short, it is perfect. It is also very suitable for just adding thickness and strands to make them look super thick and healthy.

2. 16-22 inches medium length, so if your hair is about shoulder length, it is perfect. This suit is located just above your bust.

3. 22-28 inches. This length is most suitable for hair longer than bust length.

You can choose the same hair length according to the above method, or you can choose hair bundles by combination. Here are some contents of the combination.

How do I decide which length combination to buy?

If you want a fairly natural look, you can choose the hair size in ascending order, such as 14 16 18. In this way, the layered effect can be obtained, and different sizes of hair can also be selected.

If you're not sure, it's always a good idea to set your hair longer, because it can be trimmed or designed shorter.

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