How to Choose Fashion Color Hair for Winter

Become a fashion people has always been many girls’ dream, dressed fashion can increase our charming and confidence, let our aura get stronger. To achieve this goal,it is not only need make up, clothes, the hair is also a important part. And now color hair get more and more popular, if you have no idea on how to choose a fashion color hair,please let us introduce some tips today.

In first part,let us show you all different kinds of color hair,including the hair wigs and bundles. Now in Ishow hair website,we have six main color hair, such as highlight p4/27 color, pure ginger color, 613 blonde color, 99J red color, ginger blonde color, skunk stripe black blonde color. For most these color hair,we have both human hair wigs and bundles, also for hair styles,we have straight, body wave,deep wave,loose deep and curly five options, for wig style, we have lace frontal wig, lace closure wig, bob style hair wig, T lace part wig, machine made hair wig with bangs, for hair length,most color hair is in 8-28 inch,you don’t worry about hair stock, you can as the need and like, if you want other color hair,you can contact us, provide the hair pictures, we will provide the customize service especially.

After the reading the introduction part, we believe you may have a clear idea what is color hair and what color hair we have, next,let us show you two tips how to choose suitable fashion color hair.

1 Choose color hair according to fashion trend

If it is first time that you have a try the color hair, you are not sure which one is great,we advise that you can have a search firstly through the social media, to see what hair do the influencers and fashion icon wear, or what color hair show up frequently in IG, TikTok and Facebook,this one must is recently fashion trend, then you can consider get this one without worry. Here we recommend two fashion color hair wigs,first one is ginger blonde color, second one is skunk stripe black blonde color. both two are available in Ishow hair website,they are 100% human virgin hair, good quality, can be restyle easily.

2 Choose color hair according to occasions

We believe most people heard this phrase, wearing rightly for right occasion. It is very important, because it is one way to show up our attitude and personality. Sometimes people will judge you according to outside look. In some formal and serious occasion,we don’t advise the too bright color hair, natural brown or some similar color hair will be great. While if you go to take part in a party or wedding,you can choose some bright and fresh color hair, it can make you looks more beautiful and charming.

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