How to Bleaching and Coloring a Human Hair Wig

After ordering a human hair wig and installing for a while, we will eager to try restyle it to the way we like. Coloring wig would be a great attempt. Let’s follow the model to bleach and color a loose deep wave wig from natural black to burgundy.

First, take out a 13*4 lace wig, which has four combs adjustable straps and that allows you to pull your wig up into a ponytail if you decide to do that. Take some 30 volume developer and two scoops of bleach, mixed it up, make sure that everything is in highly saturation, this is the key when it comes to bleaching creaminess.

Then, simply wait for about one hour, wash the bleach out and let the wig air dry, now it's time to water color. Pour some hot water into a bucket, pour the dyestuff to the bucket and mix them up as well.

After doing this, take the dried wig and put it into the water, then wait for about two hours. Now, the wig has taken color well, we need wash the rest of dyestuff off, let it air dry again. Then we can get a new cute colored wig.

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