How to Bleach Burgundy Water Color With Hair Wig

DIY bleach and dye hair wig has coming to be a interesting challenge for many black women, instead that go to salon, let their stylist take bleach work, they prefer to bleach and dye wig themselves, but for many beginners, this still is a hard work. Today let us show that how to bleach and dye a popular color-Burgundy Water Color.

If it is first time that you do bleach and dye work, you need to prepare some important things, like, hair developer, powder lightener, color bleach, mannequin head,dye brush and a natural black color lace frontal wig.

At beginning, put wig in mannequin head, then take small pieces hair in bottom part, use clip make rest hair in frontal head, then you can bleach these hair alone,that will be more convenient. Mix 30 volume developer and color bleach, brush hair firstly, then smear these in hair small pieces by pieces, after that, you can use tin foil or plastic film wrap the hair, keep in while, then wash all these away.

Next, let us move into highlight-water color. Put plenty hot water in bucket firstly, then pour half a bottle of rich amber into water, mix them.

After the water temperature get down, put your orange undertone bleached wig into bucket, leave it for two hours, then the wig basically suck up the burgundy color, then rinse rest of color off with shampoo and conditioner, let it air dry, then you will get a pretty Burgundy Water Color lace frontal wig.

After all dye work, you can do any style you want with this wig, that is very simple dye work, if you have interest, just go try it.

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