How to Add Volume to Your Human Hair Wigs

Whether you are wearing a wig for fashion, or because you are not satisfied with your natural hair, sometimes you need to increase the volume of your wig. Fortunately, you can design human hair wigs almost as easily as your true natural hair. However, if you use the wrong product, it may damage or destroy the human hair wig. Let’s introduce some easy and useful ways to add volume to your human hair wigs.


This technique is not only simple, but also effective. But be careful, because if you are too rough, you may damage the wig. Satrt from about the 2-inch thick part of the wig first. Lift the strands so that the end is above the root of the wig. Next, take a comb and pull it from the end of the wig back to the root. The denser the comb, the greater the volume you get. Whatever you do, don’t start from the end of the wig, or you will only make things worse.


Use hair spray to increase the volume of the wig. The function of this product is to increase the thickness of each hair and keep it curled or combed. These two styles can increase the volume of the hair. Use hairspray specially designed for synthetic wigs, then rub or comb back to get a plump look.

Seek help from stylist

If you don’t know where to start of using backcombing or spary, please consult a professional. They will know how to make the foundation, or they can add layers or texture the ends of the wig. This may cost more, but if you have a good stylist who knows all about wigs, it's worth it.

Hair heater

For the flat hair, hair heater always be a good way to make a more fluppy hairstyle. First, you can choose to use hair curler to restyle hair for a more curly look, as curly hair has more volume than the straight hair. Divide your hair into small parts,  then wrap each part around the hot iron of the curling tool. A full of tight curly hair will add significant volume to your human hair wig.

Or you can use hair heater, pull up the hair in the front part and stay for several seconds, then use cold wind to blow the hair to make sure it can keep fluppy condition for longer time. Let hair air cold is available as well, ensure the hair won’t change during the time.


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