Hair Wig VS Hair Bundle, Which One You Prefer?

Hair bundle and hair wig are two main hair products in hair market, both two are hot selling. For many black women, hair bundle is more familar than wigs, these two hair products are different, if you have any confusion on which one better, please follow us,let us show you more information.

Similarities between hair bundle and hair wig

These two hair products are all made by human virgin hair, it take young girl hair as material, so it can be bleached and dyed, also last long time with good care. The major hair style, straight, body wave, curly, deep wave, loose deep wave, water wave and loose wave, are available for hair wig and hair bundle. And for both two, main length is 8-28 inch available. Also enough color options with hair wig and bundle, like natural black, blonde and ombre color.

Differences between hair bundle and hair wig

The big difference between these two is that, hair wig is a already made unit, hair bundle is still the hair extension, you need to choose a lace closure or lace frontal, match your hair bundle, then weave it in wig cap, install it. Also the hair wig is easier to install, you can wear it by yourself, while for hair bundle, you may need that your hair stylist make this for you. If you have special require on unit cap size, like small or big, you can consider choose hair bundle, most hair wig is average cap zie, it may not suitable for some people.

Hope these information is useful for you all, you can choose one as your need, Ishow Hair Christmas Sale going on, check our site, choose your hair now.