How to Install Lace Front Wig Without Glue

If you pursue fashion and various trendy hairstyles, lace wigs must be a top choice. Lace wigs nowadays provide infinite possibilities let people can get different hairstyles everyday without professional restrictions.

Usually people install lace wigs with glue to keep wig not easy fall from head. However install hair with glue in hot summer is really not a comfortable thing, also it's not convenient enough to wear & take off everyday when using hair glue, thus we need find some solutions to handle this.

Here, let's follow our hair model’s tutorial, to install lace front wig without glue.




Tools  Need  Prepare

A lace wig, an elastic band, a bottle of spray

Steps  of  how  to  install  lace  front  wig  without  glue.

1. Prepare one lace front wig which has combs & adjustable straps in inner cap, make sure the wig as smooth as possible, the key point is purchase human hair wigs.

2. Cut extra lace off in the back of wig, then put wig in your head and try to make edge evenly.

3. Sew the elastic band in the hidden lace behind your ears, and don't forget to remove needle, meantime to notice not cut lace off. Then wear wig to see it’s overall looking and adjust the straps in the back.

4. Comb few of hair from the edge of the wig, make them to baby hair to get natural hairline, give wig a little spray, then use a wide tooth comb to manage wig be smooth, you can also us some wax on the wig to hold hairstyle.

Now you get a flawless looking without hair glue!

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