Choosing Best Quality Human Hair

Finding the best quality human hair is no easy, there are plenty factors to consider before making a final purchase and boosting your hair styles. When using the best quality hair human hair you can really notice the difference and this is why so many people choose them when going to a formal event such as a wedding, as these kinds of human hair offer the most natural looking results.

There are many different types of human hair and not all of them require complicated attachment processes like with hair weaves or hair extensions. There are clip in and tape in extensions that can be attached by yourself, though it really boils down to your personal choice and individual styling needs.

Human hair is divided into various categories: A, B and C. Grade A hair is the finest, using 100 percent human hair that is carefully hand selected to remove the shorter hairs so that all of the strands can be of the same length. The cuticle is aligned and the hair is usually softer and thicker than the other grades, which explains why hair extensions using grade A human hair may be more expensive than most. Of course, you can get grade B or C hair but the lengths of the strands will be different and the quality is less. Human hair can provide a lot more versatility when used in hair extensions. You can treat this hair much like your natural hair, you can color it, curl it, wash it, blow dry it, straighten it and so forth, something you can't do with synthetic hair.

With synthetic hair extensions, you can obtain reasonable prices but not quite as good results as high quality hair extensions. Synthetic hair isn't as versatile as human hair, and cannot be styled in the same way, making them more difficult to convert into a natural hairstyle. The artificial fibers possess a different weight and consistency so they can't recreate the same direction or movement as your natural locks. Your best choice would be high quality hair extensions that use 100 percent human hair or Remy hair which is even better. With Remy hair, the cuticles are intact and the strands are placed in one direction to create the most natural results.

High quality hair extensions are of course more expensive than synthetic hair extensions or lower grade hair extensions, but the price is worth it for durable and fabulous hair styles.