All The Things About Compact Frontal Wig You Need To Know

Are you looking for a perfect wig that gives you a natural look and enhance your beauty? Here is one of the best wigs to help you archive this - The Compact Frontal Wig. It is a new word in the hair market, but you must not feel strange about it after we explain it to you. Want to know what is compact frontal wig, why people choose it, where to buy it and recommended products? Read this article and we will help you to figure out these questions.

What is a compact frontal wig

The compact frontal wig also is known as Lace front wig, as it has a ear by ear lace base in front of the inner cap, the lace size normally is 13 by 4 inch or 13 by 6 inch. Except the lace part, the rest part of the wig cap is made by machines.

Why do people choose compact frontal wig

1. Looks realistic and versatile

The appearance of compact frontal wig is very realistic, if you choose the human hair wig, it will look just like our own hair. What’s more, the human hair compact frontal wig can handle heat and be restyled, you can change hairstyles everyday without suffering the harm to your own natural hair.

2. Easy to install and remove

The compact frontal wig offers great convenience on installing and removing it, which can save your precious time. Once you learn how to install it, you can finish the whole process within 20 minutes.

3. Affordable and feel comfortable

Compared with 360 front wig and full lace wig, the price of compact frontal wig really is more affordable and reasonable. We don’t need to spend too much but still can get a beautiful hair look. And this kind wig has lace-base in the front part, it is light and breathable, can improve the  comfortability of wearing wig.

Where to buy a quality compact frontal wig

Now you must want to know, where to find quality compact frontal wig that has reasonable price, the answer is Ishow Hair. We provide top quality wigs and bundles made by 100% human hair, that can be curled and straightened, bleached and dyed.

Different length, textures and colors are available, you can choose it freely according to your needs and budget.

Recommended human hair compact frontal wig

1. Ishow Transparent Lace Frontal Straight Human Hair Wig

Straight pattern always is the best selling one, it looks smooth, flat and silky. The straight texture also is the most versatile pattern, you can change hair looking easily by the help of curler or flexi rods.

2. Ginger Blonde Ombre Body Wave Lace Front Human Hair Wig

The ginger color matches winter perfectly, the ombre blonde color makes wig looks special. This wig is classic body wave that has baby hair, it is pre-plucked and has natural hairline, very friendly to beginners.

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