Wig Maintenance: Proper Ways to Wash Your Wigs

Human hair wigs require thorough maintenance to preserve their good condition. You need to exercise maintenance habits once you start to wear your lace wigs, most especially when you are in an environment with poor air quality. One of the most important maintenance habits that you must do is washing wigs properly and regularly.

Even fine quality wigs require cleaning methods to maintain their natural look and quality. Washing wigs depend on its frequency of use. If you are wearing your wigs on a daily basis, wig makers advise that you wash your wigs every two weeks or after 12-15 uses.

Cleaning materials such as wire combs, shampoo, conditioner, wig stand, and other styling products should be made specifically for wigs. Never use regular shampoos and combs to your wigs as they will deteriorate the texture and structure of the strands. Do remember that before washing your wigs, untangle the strands first and comb the wigs from the bottom using a wire comb.

Once you have untangled the strands, prepare the basin and shampoo to be used. Apply a small amount of shampoo on the water. Remember that hot water can damage your wigs so better use cold water instead. Human hair wigs can react to hot temperatures. Immerse the wigs on the water while holding the front part (forehead) of the wigs. Wigs are usually left submerged on the water so avoid rubbing them like a cloth.

After a few minutes, rinse your wigs with cool water using your fingers. Remember to avoid rubbing it on a circular motion. Gently squeeze excess water but avoid twisting the hair pieces as it will deform the style. In spite of their preset styles, they still have a tendency to distort. Also avoid brushing your wigs while they are wet.

After rinsing your wigs, it is best that you let them dry on their own and avoid using blow dryers. Blot your wigs with a dry towel to extract water.

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